Moonlite Bay 2017 Availability

The following dates are available as of January 10th, 2017.

2017 Walleye Opener: May 20

2017 Muskie Opener: June 17



Cabin 1:

  • May 26th-28th
  • June 2nd-3rd
  • June 8th-10th
  • August 26th-September 2nd
  • September 2nd-October 31st.

Cabin 2: 

  • May 23rd-28th
  • June 3rd-5th
  • June 13th-14th
  • June 18th-19th
  • July 22nd-23rd
  • July 29th-August 11th
  • August 16th-19th
  • August 26th-September 2nd
  • September 2nd-October 31st.

Cabin 3:

  • May 26th-27th
  • May 30th-June 7th
  • June 21st-24th
  • July 25th-29th
  • August 5th – 8th
  • August 13th-19th
  • August 26th-September 2nd
  • September 9th-October 31st

Cabin 4: 

  • May 23rd-27th
  • May 30th-June 5th
  • June 17th-30th
  • July 8th-15th
  • July 29th-August 19th
  • August 26th-September 2nd
  • September 2nd-October 31st.

These dates are provided as a guide and should be confirmed as being available with an email or phone call. We try to keep them as up to date as possible but may neglect to remove or add a date that has been reserved or canceled from time to time. Don’t hesitate to ask about dates you don’t see as available.

  • Dates listed should be read as: day of arrival – day of departure.

    You do not have to reserve an entire week or complete set of dates listed. We may ask you to begin your stay at the start of an available set of dates or end your stay on the last day of an available set of dates (typically Saturdays) to avoid breaking up existing availability into 2 or 3 sets of dates. Notes to Consider

    • It’s fairly common for a group to change cabins part way through a stay if they are not able to get the desired number of nights in the same cabin so if you see dates open that match up to your desired stay in different cabins, don’t hesitate to email or call about that possibility.
    • Many groups, especially on shorter stays, will check out of their cabin in the morning (so it can be cleaned for the next group) and then head out on the lake to fish for part of or the entire day.  It can allow for another day of fishing when we don’t have a cabin open to stay another night.
    • You are welcome to arrive as early as you like, so you can spend a few hours or the day on the lake and then check-in to your cabin when you return.  

    Wireless internet available in the area surrounding the lodge.
    Freezer service for your fish fillets available to all guests.

    A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to hold a reservation of 4 nights of more.  Trips shorter than 4 nights will be asked for the 1st night (plus taxes) as a deposit.   

    Cancellation Policy
    Deposits are non-refundable.
      If the cancellation occurs with more than 90 days notice, your deposit can be used in the form of a gift certificate towards a stay within one year of the original reservation.

    Bringing Your Pets
    Guests are welcome to bring their pets as long as they are quiet, leashed and cleaned up after at all times.